ANTEC (National Association of Technicians, Experts and Researchers in Public Services of General Interest) has the mission of promoting the professional interests of technicians, researchers and experts working in the public services of general interest domain, through a sustained and responsible contribution to the development and improvement of general public services, while supporting central and local authorities, operators and users in their goal of improving the quality and the safety of public services.

 The fundamental objectives of the association are:

 1. implication in the development of public services of general interest and to improve the efficiency of operators of such services, promoting and maintaining cooperation on scientific and practical association with other structures with the same object of activity, in Romania or abroad;

 2. training of technicians, experts and researchers in the public services of general interest, given the scientific collaboration with all the legal entities engaged in services of general interest.

 The derived objectives of ANTEC can be seen here . . .

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